Friday, May 29, 2015

19 Hard Habit To Break Your Teeth - Sydney Dentist

Good oral care like brushing twice a day, flossing once a day or even maintaining regular visit to your dentist may not be enough. You might be causing damage to your teeth without you knowing it. There are many common habits that most of us do unconsciously. These habits can be unfavorable and may cause harmful effects to our teeth.


1. Chewing on Ice

It’s natural and sugar free, so you might think ice is harmless. But munching on hard, frozen cubes can chip or even crack your teeth. And if your mindless chomping irritates the soft tissue inside a tooth, regular toothaches may follow. Hot foods and cold foods may trigger quick, sharp jabs of pain or a lingering toothache. Next time you get the urge for ice, chew some sugarless gum instead.

2. Playing Sports With No Mouth Guard

Whether you play football, hockey, or any other contact sport, don't get in the game without a mouth guard. This is a piece of molded plastic that protects the upper row of teeth. Without it, your teeth could get chipped or even knocked out when the action gets rough. Self-fitting mouth guards may be purchased at a store, or you can have one custom made by your dentist.

3. Bedtime Bottles

It’s never too early to protect teeth. Giving a baby a bedtime bottle of juice, milk, or formula, can put new teeth on a path to decay. The baby may become used to falling asleep with the bottle in his or her mouth, bathing the teeth in sugars overnight. It's best to keep bottles out of the crib.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Smile Can Make It Happen


~A strategically inclined dental professional can create a better smile.~

From whitening to shaping to closing spaces and replacing teeth, dental cosmetics gain much popularity than ever. Dentists have a wide array of tools and techniques for improving your smile at their proper disposal. The screw up economy has made patients think twice before resorting to dental or rather smile makeovers. This industry of professionals are experiencing a decrease in the use of dental services by adults for more than a decade now.

But despite of the fact and being a victim of this disturbing trend, many dentists have adapted their practices to the changing environment. They have distinguish themselves and become active business owners and practitioners, who think strategically. Many of them have boost their career into their practices by targeting implant dentistry, sleep apnea, pediatrics to name a few.

Although cosmetic dentistry is not one of the nine officially-recognized specialties, just about every dentist does at least some cosmetic dentistry procedures nowadays. The distinction between  traditional dentistry and cosmetic dentistry is that the former focuses on the health of your teeth and gums while the latter concerns on the appearance of your teeth, mouth and more importantly your smile.

This luxury-seems procedure isn’t just for the elite and wealthy. There’s a variety of options that you can choose from and price ranges within the reach that can make a million dollar smile be on the face of aspiring millions of people.

Cosmetic dentistry brings to mind the concept of appearance. However, this does not always mean aesthetics but also about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. You will absolutely get motivated to increased your concerns on your dental hygiene once you undergone a dental makeover for sure. Your drinking and eating habits will be considered as to prevent darkening or staining of your teeth. As a good result, your health will improve.

Those pearly white teeth will surely give you a lot of confidence to smile. And because you feel great about your appearance, your socializing activities will be quite a challenge and will be held more than usual. A well aligned, straight, white smile attracts more positivity towards you. And of course, this dream-makeover can definitely brighten someone else’s day. Your smile can make it happen!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Benefits of Dental Implants 2015

For people with missing teeth, the modern technology for dental implant marks the breakthrough in oral health care. We can consider the fact that our teeth were designed to last a lifetime but based on actual experiences, they don’t fully served according to their purpose. When this happened, not only do you lose chewing ability, but the unreplaced teeth can cause other teeth to be lost and can create subsequent problems.


Dental implants should always be taken into consideration as an alternative to replace a failing or missing tooth. For more than half a century, replacement of lost teeth with this procedure has been popular which definitely an obvious solution for poor appearance and loss of self-esteem. The Dental Industry recognized it as an effective choice and very impressive. Thus, these are the reasons why dental implants are becoming popular nowadays. And although it doesn’t give an end to bridges and dentures, for reason of practicality, convenience and durability, many chose dental implants as better options. The procedure also provides a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth that will match the previous natural teeth.


This breakthrough in oral health care has a lot of advantages. It makes us feel and look like it’s our own teeth. Definitely , it give us the benefit of a lifetime since they are designed to fuse with the bone. In other words, they become permanent. When this happens, one can now enjoy eating especially their favorite food comfortably which cannot be possible most of the time with removable dentures. Not only it will allow you to bite and chew normally, but it will also keep your jawbone healthy and prevents the shape of the face to change due to bone atrophy. As a person, it also help us maintain a youthful appearance and so you can  talk without awkward speech. The strength and durability is undeniable for it can last for many years. With proper care, it may even last a lifetime.

The modern day era in Dental Surgery has made and gave way to creating beautiful smiles. Whether to have it or not is your choice!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dental Implants in Sydney

For many years, bridges and dentures are the only options available for people with missing teeth. Now is the era of the new millenium wherein technologies gave way to a better and greater solution for oral care. The reason is that, millions of people still suffer tooth loss despite improvements in dental care. Thus, dental implants are quite becoming popular nowadays. It can enormously improved the lives of people who need them considering their longetivity and the safe healing after the treatment or surgery around the affected area.

Dental implants are means to restore the loss tooth roots. A better alternative that provides a firm foundation or strong hold for permanent or removable replacement teeth that will match your previous natural teeth.


This breakthrough in dental care gives a lot of convenience. Dental implants look and feel like our own teeth. It definitely aims to give us the benefit of a lifetime since they are designed to merge or fuse with the bone, they become permanent. For a person, it improves both speech and appearance. The procedure also eliminates the discomfort of removable dentures. One can now enjoy eating their favorite food with confidence and more importantly without pain which is common among people who has removable dentures.. It’s durability is proven and may last for many years. With proper care, it may even last a lifetime.

People who have received dental implants may claim about the little discomfort related during the procedure. The use of local anesthesia makes an impression that the dental surgery being undertaken  involves lesser pain than a tooth extraction. Mild soreness may occur after the process but such can be treated  with a doctor prescribed over-the-counter pain medications. This modern era development in oral health require the same care as the real natural teeth. Otherwise, it includes brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups, etc.

We should be happy for we have access to better technology. Be confident because you can have that SMILE!!!

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