Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dental Implants: Failure Risks and Promising Development


Dental implants are now used widely around the globe. However, questions about patient risk assessment prior to placing the implants still bound. What causes implants to fail in some patients but not others?

The placement of implants in a patient with periodontal disease would be one relevant concern. Researchers from Sweden performed a systematic review to determine if a persons with periodontitis are more susceptible to peri-implantitis. (1) The scientists included 22 randomized and non-randomized clinical human studies.The conclusion was that an increased in susceptibility for periodontitis may also confer an increased risks for implant loss, loss of supporting bone and postoperative infection. They also state that the study results should be considered cautiously due to confounding uncontrolled factors. As dental implant placement concepts change, we should all be aware of the clinical implications of studies such as this one.

A recently published study discussed the effectiveness of implant treatment in a large patient population nine years after treatment. (2) They used a large and randomly selected patient sample, and concluded that patient characteristics and implant features affect results. They discovered that smokers and patients with an initial diagnosis of periodontitis were at higher risks of implant loss. Those with implants shorter than 10 mm and implants using particular kind of products also showed increased risks. 

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