Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dental Health During Pregnancy - How Not To Loose A Tooth For Every Child


When I attended the first appointment with my midwife, she advised me "to stock up on old-fashioned sweets like cola cubes" because my body "needed sugar" now that I was pregnant. She even recommended that I keep the sweets by my bedsides with a can of fizzy pop so that if I woke up in the middle of the night, I could top up my "energy levels". I was gobsmacked. For the first time I understood how the old wives tale "you'll lose a tooth for every child" is still doing the rounds and that's before we've even ventured into the risks factors for gestational diabetes. So, is it possible to maintain your dental health during pregnancy? Of course it is! Here's how...

Tips for optimal dental health during pregnancy 

 1.) Ideally, make an appointment for a dental check up before you begin trying for a baby. This will enable your dentist to take x-rays and ensure you are dentally fit before you become pregnant. Failing that, it is still safe to take x-rays in the second trimester. Dental care in the UK is free during pregnancy until your baby’s first birthday. Make the most of it!  Getting your teeth fixed is part of your health MOT – believe me you do not want to be dealing with toothache and a newborn baby.

2.) If you get pregnancy sickness, resist the urge to brush your teeth straight after vomiting. If you do, you risk brushing away the enamel which has been softened by the acidic nature of your stomach contents. Try using a fluoride mouthrinse, such as Colgate Fluorigard, instead to take away the yucky taste and leave it half an hour before brushing.

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